Trek Arnhem Land

Rock artSee ABC 7.30 Report video of our Oenpelli Python Project in Arnhem Land!

Experience the irresistible beauty and haunting stillness of Arnhem Land. For the ultimate adventure experience we can helicopter drop you and your Aboriginal guide , Traditional Owner Fred Hunter, into Arnhem Land’s amazing East Alligator River country, due east of Kakadu’s Jim Jim Falls.
By special arrangement for small groups (1 min-8 max) you can visit the traditional homelands of the Bolmo Dedjrungi-Dordokkiyu people.

Up in the escarpment, uncover the secrets of Arnhem Land. You can hike around old Aboriginal walking trails and camp for two, three or four days in the rock country with the Aboriginal Traditional Owners. From base camp, you can explore caves and living shelters, discover ancient rock art, stone tools, waterfalls, amazing plant and wildlife, and swim in the pristine freshwater reaches of the East Alligator River.

This vast wilderness is completely untouched by development and you will be camping with your Aboriginal guides on a sandbar or traditional living shelter (complete with rock art!), where Aboriginal people camped for thousands of years.
The thrilling helicopter flight in and out is a scenic highlight in itself; and you can choose to have the helicopter doors on or off! The heli-safari is in a R44 or Jet Ranger helicopter.

View from the helicopterYou can choose between trekking and camping out for several days, or if you prefer you can choose a one day heli-safari from A$2900 per person, min 2 pax.

We can pick up from your hotel in Kakadu at 8am and have you in Arnhem Land and exploring an Aboriginal occupation shelter and it’s magnificent rock art gallery 20 minutes later!

Some of the rock art panels have images that are completely unique, or rarely seen elsewhere. Images of sorcery, creation beings, human figures, wildlife and ‘contact’ rock art adorn the escarpment outcrops that dominate the landscape.

KakaduThere is one amazing panel that includes a painting believed to be that of the famous inland explorer Ludwig Leichhardt on horseback, whose exploration team travelled through the region in 1845. See PHOTO ALBUM Rock Art for Leichhardt pictures. Around every corner is another rock art panel recording Aboriginal culture for a thousand generations.

These ancient living areas are untouched, with occupational debris scattered throughout.

Look for stone tools, barbed spear heads, axes, grinding holes and ochre used for the traditional rock art paintings. Without fences or barriers you can view the occupation site in it’s natural state, and spend as much time as you like interpreting for yourself the traditional and ‘contact’ rock art and archaeological artifacts in the company of your Aboriginal guide. Remember, some of these paintings are thousands of years old, and we also enjoy listening to our guests theory of what they think they are about!

Of course there are many spirit figures, flora and fauna that we are very familiar with eg. Namarrargon the Lightning Man, but the only person who really knows the full story of some of the ‘unique’ artwork is the artist himself, and his interpretation on the day of execution, which could have been a thousand years ago!

You can visit several sites during the day, have a gourmet lunch on the sandy bank of the East Alligator River, enjoy a refreshing swim, and be back at your hotel by 5pm! Bring nothing but your camera/video!

For extended walks, the expedition is graded easy to moderate, and a reasonable level of fitness recommended. The one day heli-safari drops you right at the occupation sites, alleviating mobility/fitness issues. This is an extremely unique and limited tour, there will be only a small number offered in 2012.

Just e-mail or phone us for an itinerary, or we can tailor it to suit your interests; Aboriginal culture, archeology, rock art, bird watching, wildlife viewing, fishing, and we’ll throw in the breathtaking scenery for free!

Bolmo country is part of the internationally recognised West Arnhem Fire Program; whereby Traditional Owners walk through country and set strategic fires in the cooler months to maintain the country as they have for thousands of years.

Ask about being a volunteer on country. While on tour you may be able to assist in traditional burning, rock art maintenance, and other land management programs. The tour is also ideal for corporate and small incentive groups.

This is an extremely isolated and remote part of Arnhem Land and is not easily accessible.
There are no roads, and you will have this tour all to yourself! Prices available on application.
Please note! This is a limited tour and is booking out fast for the 2012 dry season!

*Limited tours available where you participate in our Oenpelli Python Project. Assist Traditional Owners collect snakes for our research/captive breeding program with our partner, herpetologist Dr Gavin Bedford!