Our Aboriginal guides keeping busy

Fred Hunter, holding the spotlight in the above photo, and his sister Jenny, driving the boat and weaving below, have gone back to working as Kakadu Park Rangers during the wet.

Jenny is working in the Nourlangie District while Fred has been busy with the Natural Resource Management section harpooning crocodiles in Kakadu and fitting satellites to their backs to track them. This is part of a project to see how far/where saltwater crocodiles travel.

Discovery Channel have been filming the croc survey in Kakadu so you can see the boys at work when the show goes to air later this year. Johnny has been involved with the new Kakadu advertising campaign, with photos of him about to go around the world! He’s also helping Andy and Doug get the new safari tents ready for the tourist season.

We also employ other Bininj people at our camp. Some are also park rangers, and others like Ningoldie and Mary Blyth have their own business, West Arnhem Cultural and Tourism Services. Violet Alderson from Wurreng Cultural Walk also helps us out when we get busy. We are also trying to involve lots of Bininj people, young or old, who want to learn more about tourism.

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